hendrikboom (hendrikboom) wrote,

Another verse to Suzanne

Going through old junk, I just found something I've been looking for for decades. It's another verse to Suzanne, allegedly sung by Leonard Cohen at a Mariposa Folk Festival long ago and transcribed by someone who was there. It's labeled "3/", so presumably it goes after the second verse and before the usual third verse. For all I know my copy may be the only one in the world ... of course it won't be once I post it here.

-- hendrik


All my friends are fast asleep
In places that are high and deep;
Their bodies torn on crosses
Their visions meant to leap;
And in between their dreams
They hate the company they keep.
Nancy lies in London grass.
And Tom in Marco Polo's pass,
Peter slowly dips his toes
In bathtubs filled with Turkish snows.
Leonard hasn't been the same
Since he wandered from his name,
And Alphie(Robert) always loves to tell
How he became invisible at last.

And you want to travel with them,
And you want to travel blind,
And you think you'll maybe trust them
For they've touched your perfect body
With their minds.
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